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St St Hygienic Tube and Fittings

What are Hygienics?

Stainless Steel Hygienics is the name given to a range of tube and fittings used in applications requiring a clean and sanitary flow of liquids and where it is essential to avoid contamination of the products being carried.

These applications cover the food processing, beverage, biotech and pharmaceutical industries including breweries and dairies.

The applications are low pressure with a maximum of 150lbs.

The products are available in grades 304L and 316L.

The size range is from ¾ inch to 4 inch O/D plusd there are some metric sizes to DIN Standards.

The tube and fittings are of welded construction with the internal bead rolled to flatten it and eliminate crevices, thus preventing interruptions to the flow and eliminating the risk of contamination or bug traps as well as facilitate easy cleaning.

The tube and fittings are offered with a choice of external finishes:
Bright Annealed
Dull Polished
Semi-Bright or Bright Polished.

Hygienic tubes are manufactured to ASTM A270, DIN 11850, ISO2037 and BS 4825 Part 1.
Hygienic fittings are manufactured to BS4825 Parts 2 to 5. (EN20286)

Markings on the tube and fittings:
Tube and fittings with a bright annealed or polished finish will be unmarked.