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St St BSP Low Pressure Fittings

What is a Low Pressure BSP Fitting?

BSP fittings are a family of fittings used to connect up threaded pipe and equipment.

They are manufactured from pipe, bar, hollow bar, castings or forgings.

The pipe to be threaded must have a wall thickness of Schedule 40S minimum.

The fittings are used in non-critical, low pressure applications where welding is not possible or required. They therefore provide a relatively low cost method of connection.

BSP fittings are usually fitted with a sealant (paste or tape such as PTFE) and are considered to be permanent pipe-work.

Low Pressure BSP Fittings are rated at 150lb and are made to wrought iron specification BS1740. BSP fittings are made only in type 316.

They are provided with a Certificate of Conformity only, and not a full Test Certificate.

Sizes ½ to 3 inch are the most commonly used and thus the most readily available.

What is the thread form? - External MALE threads are tapered and Internal FEMALE threads are parallel. The threads are cut to BS21: Part 1: 1985 and are called Whitworth Threads. See last page below.